Nå, videre…

This blog is still in its early days.  It’s still officially pre-launch.  One of my goals has been to post frequently and with a good mix of post length, depth, and seriousness.  I haven’t been good about that.

I was about to go into a long-winded aside on why I haven’t, when a little alarm bell went off in my head.  That’s the problem right there: my compulsion to do a big deep dive into every little goddam thing for fear of being misunderstood.

So far it’s been a bunch of longish posts about heavy stuff, mostly directly or indirectly about race in America.  I’m not happy about that, and not just because the posts have been long and heavy, but because I don’t care about race in America.  I don’t care about race anywhere.  The color of your skin doesn’t mean a goddam thing to me and the color of my skin shouldn’t mean a goddam thing to you.  If there’s actual institutionalized racism anywhere, well by God I’m against it.  I can, do, and will call out racism when I encounter it.  If everyone did that, and only that, things would be a whole hell of a lot better all over.

But just to wrap things up with a pretty little bow, here’s a video from vlogger Jericho Green that (like most of his videos) says a lot of things that need to be said about race in America—and does it with an optimistic enthusiasm that’s pretty infectious.

It’s voices like Jericho’s I’d like to hear represented in Danish coverage of America. Hell, it’s voices like his I’d like to hear represented in any coverage of anything.