Moving on. . .

socrates and robot

“Maybe it’s time,” I wrote in the last line of the previous post, “to accept that the Danish media have no interest in covering America as anything but an outgrowth of the Democratic Party and move on.”

I’ve always hated ambiguity: it’s time to move on.

In case you haven’t already made the switch, or if you’ve just stumbled onto this site for this time, head on over to Nagan of Copenhagen. I’m posting stuff over there several times a week, and there’s a podcast and everything.

But if this is your first time here, please spend a little time browsing around before you pop over to NoC. This blog offers three years of painstakingly chronicled evidence of just how badly the Danish media have been misinforming and disinforming Danes about America (among other things)—and the evidence is damning.