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Amerika ude af fokus

Whether you’re just stumbling on this blog for the first time or you used to be a regular reader (who has hopefully followed me over to the Nagan Of Copenhagen Substack), if you’re looking for more on how badly the Danish media have distorted Danes’ perceptions of the United States, and why it matters, you can now get it all in a single paperback.

The two principle authors of this blog (okay, the only two authors of this blog) joined forces to produce Amerika ude af fokus: danskernes syn på Amerika, now available on Amazon. Links are included below.

The book is in Danish. Here’s the back-of-book blurb (in English):

As Ronald Reagan said in 1964, “The problem with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant, but that so much of what they know isn’t true.” In the same way, Danes aren’t ignorant about America, they just know so much that isn’t true—thanks to the Danish media’s one-sided view of the country. Whether this bias is conscious or not, it does real damage. America is a divided nation, and understanding it requires an understanding of both sides.

A skewed view of America has ramifications for Denmark’s own politics, which is why the authors believe it’s important to broaden Danes’ understanding of the country—something that requires firstly that Danes be made aware of the extent to which they’ve been misinformed, and secondly that they be given a broader and less one-sided presentation of America in all its enormous complexity and its many contrasts.

“America Out of Focus” is an attempt to address both of those requirements. The book explains how news from and about America is twisted on its way to Danish television screens, newspapers, and websites.

Readers of this blog and the Substack will obviously enjoy it, but it would also make an excellent gift for Danish friends and relatives who are under the usual delusions about America. It’s neither an attack on the left nor a defense of the right, but an attack on the lies and misrepresentations of America that begin, sadly enough, in America itself, only to be echoed and amplified in the Danish media. It’s thoroughly documented with more than 200 footnotes, but is written in a light and relatively informal style with the same good humor readers of this blog are used to.

It’s available in almost every Amazon marketplace, but here are links to those most likely to include your preferred market:

We hope you’ll buy a copy, if not for yourself then for someone who needs it.

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