Trans men are men… until they shoot people


Wait, what?  The 8:00 radio news update from ABC News, delivered by the insufferably biased Richard Cantu, included an audio clip of someone lamenting that mass shootings have become so widespread in America that even women are getting in on the act.

I found that remarkable.  I did a quick search online and found the following headlines, all from within the past 24 hours:

New York Times: “How Rare Is It for a Woman to Commit a Mass Shooting?”

NBC 6 South Florida: “Few Mass Shootings Carried Out by Women, Data Shows”

Forbes: “Nashville School Shooter Allegedly a 28-Year-Old Woman—An Extreme Rarity in Mass Shootings”

USA Today: “Why women mass shooters are a rare occurrence”

New York Post: “Nashville shooter fifth non-male mass shooter in US history”

And so on.  Those are just the first results that popped up.

The fact of this Nashville shooter having been a woman isn’t what I found remarkable, however.  It’s the fact of her actually being what most of the media would routinely call a man.  Would insist on calling a man.

Because although the shooter was indeed a woman (an adult human female), she reportedly identified as a male.

Nashville police said on Monday the shooter at Covenant Presbyterian School was 28-year-old Audrey Elizabeth Hale.

Police have identified the suspected shooter by their name at birth; Hale reportedly was a transgender man who used he/him pronouns, though law enforcement officials initially described the suspect as a woman in the aftermath of the shooting. Police did not provide another name.

According to the NY Post, “In online profiles Hale had indicated they used he/him pronouns and also went by the name Aiden.”

What a garbage sentence.  A biological woman who apparently used he/him pronouns is suddenly converted into the plural ambiguity of they.  That’s what these maniacs have done to us, to our language, to our ability to communicate.

But people who identify as male, we’re always told by our moral superiors, are male.  Trans men are men, after all.  So I’m told.  Emphatically.

“Misgendering” is a hate crime, right?  I mean, it’s practically genocide.

You cannot simultaneously tell me that the woman of the year is a woman even though she has a penis and that a psychopath who calls herself a male but has a vagina is actually a woman.

One way or the other you’re bullshitting me.  Either Dylan Mulvaney is a dude and Audrey Hale was a chick, or vice versa.  Those are the only logically tenable positions.  (Only one of them is real, but logic can be consistent without being real.)

I vote for calling people with penises men and people with vaginas women, mostly because I’m predisposed to reality.

I’ve got no beef with women who want to pretend they’re men, or men who want to pretend they’re women—people are free to pretend to be whatever they want, it’s no skin off my ass—but I’ve got a big problem with being told I have to treat make-believe as truth.

Now that the media are making such a big deal out of the fact that the Nashville shooter was a woman (see headlines above, and many, many more online), and that female mass shooters are very rare, when can we expect to be informed that it’s also very rare for men to be named woman of the year, or to win women’s athletic events and beauty pageants?

I won’t hold my breath.