The Dogs Aren’t Barking Again

curious dog

With respect to their coverage of America, the Danish news media continue to treat their readers like mushrooms: they keep us in the dark and feed us shit.

As of 7:30 this morning, there was plenty of news about America in the Danish press.

  • TV2 news had these stories at or near the top of their site: “Trump causes a stir with mockery of women and comments about Ukraine,” “Biden tightens the asylum rules when the corona rule expires,” “Biden open to G7 cancellation after failed summit.” (16:00 update: still nothing.)
  • State-funded media Danmarks Radio (DR) only had a “latest news” item headlined “Biden tightens asylum rules as thousands of migrants crowd the border.” (16:00 update: still nothing.)
  • Berlingske had a single article a few scrolls down its homepage: “All of America agrees on one thing: They want the answer to this question.”  (Naturally it’s about Trump, and c’mon: “all of America” doesn’t agree on anything, much less anything about Trump.) (16:00 update: still nothing, but a whole new article about Trump’s CNN Town Hall last night.)
  • Politiken had a listicle: “Here are five wild segments: Trump let himself be interviewed by CNN for the first time in seven years.”  Much further down their home page they have an article about Biden tightening the asylum rules—the same news service item the other media were carrying. (16:00 update: still nothing.)
  • Jyllands Posten had only one little article: “Analysis: On audio recording Trump said everything he shouldn’t say.” (16:00 update: still nothing, but a new item about Trump: “Trump got angry on TV: Called the host ‘disgusting’ “)

Not one of them had a single mention this morning, or all day today, of the U.S. Congressional press conference yesterday at which a 36-page memo was released by the House Oversight Committee. It revealed that, among other things:

(Joe Biden’s) family, their associates, and the(ir) companies took in at least $10 million just from firms run by Chinese and Romanian nationals through various deals struck by first son Hunter Biden, according to records subpoenaed from four separate banks by the Republican-led House Oversight Committee.

In a 36-page memo released Wednesday, the committee revealed funds initially flowed from the foreign entities to at least 20 companies, most of which were LLCs created while Joe Biden was President Barack Obama’s vice president and run by Hunter’s business friends. The money was then doled out in smaller amounts to other family members.

The memo itself is available online. Anyone seeking to debunk its findings can start there. Maybe begin on page 7, with the list of 21 corporations created by the brilliant entrepreneur Hunter Biden, most of them while his father was Vice President. As the memo notes:

The amount of money involved in these financial transactions is significant. The wires and money transfers range from approximately $5,000 to at least $3 million. Any services provided for these fees would likely have corresponding invoices, and the companies may also maintain books and records detailing the use of such funds. The parties should have contracts, agreements, or other communications setting forth the terms of the engagement and expectations of the parties. The Committee intends to obtain those materials—to the extent they exist—as part of its investigation.

The reason the committee wants to see the invoices and any other book-keeping associated with these big transfers is simple: what were the payors paying for? Because “the influence of the Vice President of the United States” isn’t supposed to be for sale, but it’s hard to see what else a whoring, crack-addled young man like Hunter Biden could offer in exchange for such exorbitant sums.

As Committee Chairman Comer emphasized repeatedly, however, this isn’t about Hunter Biden. It’s about his father: the man whose influence appears to have been peddled by his son with his full knowledge, with the proceeds of that sordid business being distributed across the Biden family through a maze of shell corporations in a suspiciously torrential blitz of transfers whose purpose is hard to see as anything but an effort to conceal where the money was coming from and where it was going.

The editorial staff of Denmark’s media probably don’t think there’s anything wrong in ignoring the story because it’s being ignored by the establishment American media from which they take their cues.

None of the major networks carried the press conference. None of them. How could they? It might have reflected poorly on Democrats.

For the gazillionth time: it is understandable for leftist American news media to attempt to steer the news in a way that favors Democrats. Not good, but understandable. But it’s pointless for the Danish news media to do so. It does a disservice to the people of Denmark. Denmark has no dog in America’s partisan brawls. Our interest is in America as a nation: as a great power, an ally, a cultural hegemon. There’s no reason for our media not to give us a full 360-degree view of the country, no reason for the bias and distortions of partisan American reporting to be reflected in Danish reporting.

Establishment American coverage, by the way, is “covering” the story with ledes like this (from NBC):

The Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee mounted more attacks Wednesday against President Joe Biden and his family, alleging that relatives of the president engaged in business with foreign nationals without detailing evidence of any crime.

The Republican chairman mounted attacks against not just the poor beleaguered president, but even his family!  The mounted attacks included suggestions that the president “engaged in business” with “foreign nationals,” we’re told, but they didn’t supply any evidence of a crime.

That’s total bullshit and Summer Concepcion and Sarah Fitzpatrick, the journalismists behind that atrocity, should be fired and banned from every working in the news business again.

Unless, of course, you can imagine NBC running a story in 2017 that said “the Democratic chairman of the House intelligence committee mounted more attacks against Donald Trump alleging that the president was guilty of collusion with Russia without detailing evidence of any crime.”

Most likely you can’t, and for good reason: it’s unimaginable.  Here’s the actual approach NBC News took in 2017:

Despite denials from some top intelligence officials that there was any evidence of collusion between associates of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russian operatives while Moscow tried to interfere with the 2016 election, Rep. Adam Schiff on Sunday defended the House Intelligence Committee continuing to look into the matter.

Sounds like the Democrat Schiff was mounting an attack on President Trump.  And Schiff insists later in the article that “There is circumstantial evidence of collusion. There is direct evidence, I think, of deception,” which sounds like he’s suggesting there’s evidence without actually offering any.  That would turn out to be his standard operating procedure for the remainder of Trump’s time in office, and all of his insinuations would turn out to have been entirely baseless.  He would eventually testify under oath that he was not aware of any such evidence.

The president of the United States stands accused of taking bribes, and Comer’s press conference revealed the money trail evidence that substantiates the claim, or at the very least warrants the investigation that’s underway.  This isn’t a question of Joe Biden forgetting a few documents here and there.  It was banks, not Republicans, that filed Suspicious Activity Reports (or SARs) on the financial transactions whizzing around between the various shell companies held by Biden and his family members.

To quote Biden himself: that’s a big fucking deal. 

The facts should be reported.

Instead they’re being deliberately and consciously ignored…. For now.

It’s too big to be ignored forever, though, so expect to see the Danish journalismists follow the template established by their American peers: we’ll eventually hear all about the vicious Republican attacks on poor Joe Biden’s family, and we’ll be given quotes from Democrats explaining how the evidence presented isn’t actually evidence, but—

ohmygod, ohmygod, you guys, look!  Some no-name Republican from a district no Dane could find on a map has been indicted for lying while campaigning!  SQUIRREL!

I seem to remember The Who warning about something like this:

Landslide, rocks are falling,
Falling down upon our very heads.
We tried, but you were yawning…
Look again—
Journalism’s dead,
Journalism’s dead,
Journalism’s deee-eeee-eead….

Journalism is indeed dead.  Long live the leftist narrative reinforcement machine and the useful idiots that keep it running—long live journalisming, be it dead or alive!