Danes don’t understand America because their media only give them one side of every story (Part 43)

Pravda on Amager

In an article published this morning, Danmarks Radio (DR) makes an interesting accusation against Donald Trump:

At no point during his speech did Trump give concrete examples of his accusations against Biden.  Nor did he at any time give examples or evidence of his other assertions, such as the persecution of Christians by democrats.

That’s the closing paragraph of an article about Trump’s fundraising mini-rally held in New Jersey after his arraignment yesterday.

Immediately following that conclusion, there’s an inset that I present here in its entirety:

The difference between Trump and Biden’s cases

Donald Trump is not the only one who has had cases involving secret documents. So has the current president, Joe Biden. Classified documents from Biden’s time as vice president have been found in offices, in his home and in his summer cottage.

These documents are also being examined by the FBI and authorities, as well as whether Biden has done anything illegal. But the crucial difference between the two cases, so far, is that Biden and his people themselves have informed the authorities that there were or possibly were documents in places where they should not be.

So far, there have been no reports that Biden deliberately took them home, tried to prevent the authorities’ investigation, or that the documents were returned to the authorities’ custody.

Another difference is that Donald Trump was president at the time he took the documents home; Joe Biden took classified documents home as both a Senator and Vice President.  This is a very significant difference insofar as Donald Trump can at least claim to have declassified the documents he took home, because a president can do that.  Vice-Presidents and Senators cannot.  So although a partisan prosecutor can (and surely will) argue that Trump didn’t declassify the documents, and subsequently “obstructed justice” by not returning them immediately when asked to, and can further argue that in contrast Joe Biden “co-operated” with the authorities, nobody can argue that Joe Biden did not break the very same law out of which Trump’s multiple process crimes arose.

If the law is “don’t take things from the store without paying for them,” then calling the police to turn yourself in for having taken things from the store without paying for them doesn’t magically absolve you of having broken the law. (Not outside of California, anyway.)

This is common knowledge, and plenty of American partisans have found ways to exculpate the former senator and vice-president for having accidentally taken home documents he had no authority to take home (or declassify) and having held on to them for years—or decades.  DR could have quoted plenty of leftist sources in America offering such explanations, specious as they may be, thereby continuing their uncritical defense of Biden on the basis of Democrats good, Republicans bad.

Instead they simply ignore the issue entirely, even though it’s a more “crucial” difference than the one they describe.

But that’s just DR being DR. 

What’s much more interesting in the omission from the article’s concluding paragraph.

Trump was speaking to American supporters who didn’t need him to explain the corruption of Joe Biden.  Congressional Republicans in the House and Senate are now engaged in a full-court press to get to the bottom of evidence that appears to suggest that Vice President Joe Biden accepted $5 million in bribes from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma to pressure the Ukrainian government to call off investigations into the energy company’s corruption.  Burisma! The same company that was paying crack-addict whoremonger, deadbeat dad, and felonious perjurist Hunter Biden roughly a million bucks a year for the benefit of his wide-ranging wisdom on… things. Another $5 million apparently went to Hunter himself as part of the same deal.  There are allegedly telephone recordings that support all of this, and sworn testimony attesting to the legitimacy of those recordings—which the FBI apparently redacted when sharing the whistleblower’s complaint form with Congress. 

These are all just allegations at this point, of course, but they point to a level of corruption beyond anything in the history of America’s executive branch. Any American following the news from any non-leftist source is aware of these things.

What’s more, Donald Trump was impeached for having attempted to probe whether Joe Biden had worked improperly with Burisma, as the current allegations certainly suggest he did. The Democrats claimed, in their articles of impeachment, that Trump was merely attempting to slime his political opponent. In retrospect reasonable people might be forgiven for believing Trump was impeached for the “crime” of trying to determine the extent of Joe Biden’s corruption.

The Republican position, shared broadly by the right-leaning side of the American electorate, is therefore that Democrats punished Donald Trump for the offense of having sought to expose Joe Biden’s having been bribed by Burisma and are now attempting to bury him in process crimes to distract from the much more serious, and infinitely more criminal, actions of the sitting (and tripping and falling) president.

That’s some industrial scale corruption, and if true it suggest that American government has sunk below banana republic levels.

Maybe it’s not true, but it’s at least as widely believed as the narrative being reinforced uncritically by DR (which may also be untrue, since it’s at this point merely an unproven indictment). Their ace U.S. correspondents have to know that.

DR has, as I write this, five or six stories on its home page relating to the prosecution of the former president for his handling of documents.

It has no stories at all on the “credible accusations” of the current president possibly having been guilty of accepting a five million dollar bribe while Vice President and engineering (or at least allowing) a presidential impeachment to cover up his own crimes.

Nor does DR have any stories on the “credible accusations” that the FBI has been actively covering up for the administration, pursuing every possible avenue against Donald Trump while stonewalling any inquiries into the Biden family’s legitimately suspicious activities.  (It wasn’t Republicans who flagged dozens of Biden family bank transactions for investigation under money laundering statutes, for example: it was the banks themselves, operating independently.)

So why did Trump offer no examples or evidence of the Biden administration’s corruption?

Because everyone in that room knew what none of DR’s readers can know because DR refuses to tell them.

And DR won’t tell them because with respect to American politics, there really is only one thing DR believes its readers, listeners, and viewers need to know:

Democrats good, Republicans bad, end of story.

* California residents exempted.