“Der er ting, vi ikke skriver”

An honest assessment that deserves acknowledgment.

From my own American experience in theatre, radio, and publishing, the kind of self-awareness shown here by Peter Aalbæk is not something often encountered in the creative class.

I’ll never forget my literary agent—a very nice guy—advising me before we embarked on a series of meetings with publishers, “Don’t mention the work you did in California for the Republican party. Publishing’s a very liberal world; they wouldn’t understand.”

I knew what he meant: not that they wouldn’t understand that I’d worked for Republicans (how hard is that, really, to understand?), but that they would hate me for it and my book would have no chance of being published.

Because the people of the publishing world were so “liberal.”

Of course, that was back in the late 1990s. I’m sure the publishing world is much more open-minded these days. (Snicker.)

Lever vi i et frit land, hvor ordet kan tages af alle, og alle synspunkter og livsanskuelser frit fremlægges? Svaret er med snart 40 års erfaring inden for media et rungende nej!

Refreshing. Read the whole thing.