Pausen der forfrisker

The Democrat National Convention took place last week (and gave new meaning to the phrase “going postal”).  A police shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin a couple of days ago has led to more riots, looting, beatings, arson, and now some shootings.  The Republican National Convention started on Monday and is still underway.   And there’s still a global pandemic underway.

So you’d think I’d have found something to talk about since my last post, and you’d be right.  The problem hasn’t been want of commentary, but want of time to put it into words and put those words in order and post them here.

The site is still in beta, hasn’t been launched, and all of three people know it even exists, so I haven’t felt too badly about leaving it alone for a bit.  I won’t want to do that once it’s up and running, though, so I’ve been putting some thought into how to maintain a steady flow of content even when the demands of daily life are pressing me.

One simple solution is to allow myself the freedom to drop quick posts along with the longer pieces that have so far constituted the entire content of this blog.  (And this post isn’t going to do much to change that.)  So I’ll begin doing that.