The Nutty Professor


If you still don’t understand why so many of us consider “wokeness” to be a toxic blend of stupidity and racism, invest 139 seconds of your time in watching this video. It was recorded on April 23 but was released on Twitter yesterday and has already been viewed several million times.

The Daily Mail has a story about the incident including a transcript, if you’d rather read it that watch it.

You can read more about the incident here.

The woman is apparently a professor (or former professor).

She should therefore be held up as representative of all American professors everywhere, since that’s how the rules work these days. They all think like this. They all behave like this. They must all be judged based on this woman’s language and behavior in this particular video.

In other words: All Professors Are Bastards.


I mean, if All Cops Are Bastards because there are some bad cops then All Professors Are Bastards because of this professor.

Or are we suddenly going to remember that people are only responsible for their own words and actions?

I doubt that, because the entire epistemology of wokeness falls apart if we begin treating people as individuals. If we can’t judge people by the color of their skin, or their sexuality, or their profession, or their preferred brand of soft drink, then wokeness goes right out the window. (Which is where it belongs, frankly, but I doubt its adherents see things that way.)

In fact, I suppose the woke crowd will be cheering this woman: as a black woman, she’s more marginalized and oppressed than the Latino officer. She’s therefore entitled to react the way she did to his flagrant abuse of the fascist power that the racist patriarchy invested in him. Or something.

Which just underscores the need to laugh these crazies out of town.

Woke identitarianism is probably the most serious threat to individual liberty and rational thought to have arisen since the USSR went out of business. This woman is a case study in what it can do to a human mind.

She may have been unstable to begin with (her reported history of filing false claims against deputies suggests as much), but she almost certainly felt empowered and justified to speak the way she did to that law enforcement officer because of all the nonsense she’s been hearing from the left. Every cop is just itching for a chance to kill her and her child in the systemically racist USA. She’s heard that from all the smart people on CNN and MSNBC, all the beautiful people of Hollywood, all the great athletes, all the people she follows on social media, and virtually every Democrat in elected office, including the president.

We know she felt justified because she herself recorded the entire exchange. She sees herself as the victim here. She’s being “harassed” by a “Mexican racist” cop who’s a “murderer.” He’s “threatening to kill me and my son.”

The officer’s restraint is remarkable. He’s unflappable. He’s as cool as the other side of the pillow through the entire episode.

So of course he’s now the subject of an inquiry, because the crazy lady filed a complaint.

From that Daily Mail article I linked to earlier:

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department told ‘We are aware of the video captured by one of our deputies. The person in the video filed a personnel complaint against the deputy for “discourtesy” and an active inquiry is being conducted.

‘Due to the active complaint, we are unable to provide further comment regarding the supervisory inquiry.

‘What we can say is peace officers are faced with situations like the one captured on this video daily, and they routinely respond with professionalism, compassion, and patience.’

I’ll say.

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