Journalisming Again


(No audio for this because it’s just a quick observation. An expression of annoyance.)

As anyone with any interest in the fate of free speech in the western world surely knows, on Friday night Matt Taibbi began releasing “the Twitter Files”—mostly internal corporate communications from Twitter that provide irrefutable evidence of the social medium’s interference in the 2020 election.

The documents were apparently provided directly to Taibbi by Elon Musk, who was actively promoting their release on Twitter.

The New York Post has, for obvious reasons, been covering the release avidly.

Hunter Biden laptop bombshell: Twitter invented reason to censor Post’s reporting

Left-wing journos attack reporter Matt Taibbi for exposing Musk’s Twitter files

Twitter files reveal familiar name in Hunter Biden laptop scandal: James Baker

James Woods vows to sue Twitter, Democrats for censoring him online

There’s much more at the Post, I just wanted to include a sampling.

There’s also coverage on conservative-leaning news and commentary sites, but I feel the Post is entitled to an exclusive on this.

The Post is obviously the only American news outlet to be trusted on this story: it’s now undeniable that they were the only major American newspaper reporting the truth in October 2020—and they were punished for it. The entire apparatus of the establishment media, the U.S. government, and social media were deliberately and ruthlessly promoting lies.

“It’s all lies and Russian disinformation,” they said—all of them, including the man who is now arguably President of the United States because of that informal conspiracy of lies—even though every last one of them knew that it was not.

We know that with absolute certainty at this point, so anyone looking to establishment media for a reliable assessment of this story is either deliberately avoiding the truth or too oblivious to understand the concept.

Meanwhile, in Denmark: nothing.

It’s Sunday morning as I write this, and there’s still nothing at all about the story on Danmarks Radio (DR),, or TV2 News.

My own theory is that the American establishment media are still trying to figure out how to lie their way out of their disgrace. Until they find the right formulation, the impotent Danish media don’t know how to report on the story.

Real journalists can report on events in real-time because they’re only reporting what they see and hear, but Denmark’s biggest U.S. correspondents (Steffen Kretz at DR, Mikkel Danielsen at Berlingske, Jesper Steinmetz at TV2) aren’t journalists. They don’t report on America, they’re merely conduits for the American establishment. They’re parrots.

So we’ll have to wait and see how the New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN—all of whom were complicit in the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story back in 2020—choose to present the story.

Then all our ace correspondents will get right on it.