Journalisming Update


Sunday evening now, and still nothing at all from the Danish media.

The American left seems to have settled on their talking point: “Matt Taibbi is just doing PR for the richest man in the world.

Not their best work.

Let’s take them at their word: let’s say, “Okay, yes, Matt Taibbi is just doing public relations for Elon Musk, who is the richest man in the world.”

What’s the content of that PR?

Irrefutable proof that Twitter actively and aggressively suppressed a story that might have been mortally damaging to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign—and for that very reason. Only after suppressing it did Twitter’s leadership begin the mad scramble to justify its suppression. As the released communications reveal, they had a hell of a time with that because there was in fact no legitimate reason to suppress it.

That’s the “PR” Taibbi is doing for Elon Musk, who is indeed the richest man in the world.

Unstated by any of the venerable leftists deploying this talking point is the fact that virtually all of them were perpetuating the same falsehood (“Russian disinformation!”) at the time, making all of them nothing more than PR for the Biden campaign and the Democratic Party.

Except the Taibbi “PR” is promoting actual truth whereas the sneering journalists were promoting a lie.

It’s an important distinction.

So I suppose whenever the Danish media get around to covering this story, if they ever get around to it, that’s how they’ll frame it: the once respectable but now deranged Matt Taibbi has become nothing more than a lickspittle sycophant to the richest man in the world and wasted a weekend evening pumping out details of a story everybody already knew. Yawn. I mean, it’s all ancient history. Who cares?

And that’s how they’ll cover it because the Danish media are just lickspittle sycophants doing PR for the now-deranged political party controlling the most powerful country in the world.

Go ahead, Danish media: prove me wrong. I’d love it.