Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather

On Friday night the Danish national men’s team, strong favorites to win the European Championship, got knocked out of the semifinals by losing to Spain after having led for the first 45 minutes.

On Saturday morning Herself and I went through the all-too-familiar ritual of queueing up at a test center for the obligatory four-days-after-near-contact PCR test. (Youngest had tested positive on Tuesday.)

On Saturday afternoon the winds picked up as the storm Malik began its journey through Denmark with what would eventually produce hurricane-strength winds.

Saturday night we had a video call with my sister’s family in greater Boston to mark the occassion of my father’s first birthday since his death last summer: as Malik’s winds roared outside our home, a bona-fide Nor’easter was burying theirs in snow. (Dad was always interested in extreme weather: he would have approved.)

Early Sunday morning Herself was notified that her PCR test had been positive: she has covid.

My own test was negative.

A couple of hours later Eldest took a home test that came up positive: Herself drove her straight to the test center for a PCR test.

I’ve got a sense of covid déjà vu: for the second time in six months, I’ve somehow dodged the covid bullet in the midst of a familial outbreak. We’ll see how it goes this time: Herself and I were our usual affectionate selves yesterday and slept in the same bed last night, so although I’ll be camping out in another room for the next four days that would seem to be too little too late, at least from a virological standpoint. It’ll be extremely strange if I don’t end up with the virus this time.

But it was pretty damn strange last time, so who knows?

Youngest seems to have made it through her covid infection with just a single day of symptoms rising to the level where, in an ordinary year, we would have kept her home from school. She’s been without symptoms of any kind for a couple of days now.

Herself has developed some symptoms over the course of the day today (Sunday): sore throat, minor headache, fatigue. Slight fever. Some coughing. Sick enough that she’d have come home from work even in an ordinary year.

Eldest has no major complaints beyond “a little snottiness,” but this is her second tango with covid. (I thought it was her third; I have been corrected.)

So although there doesn’t appear to be anything serious going on health-wise, our household logistics are kind of a mess (I’m the only that can go out in public) and are going to take a little extra effort from your happy scrivener, so if I post anything at all over the next few days it’ll probably just be quick little stuff.