The elites. The anointed. The establishment. The cathedral. The machine.

These are the words most often used to describe the set of people and organizations who wield most of the political power, control most of the economic resources, and exert the most cultural influence in the western world today.

The terms are used so widely, and so interchangeably, and by so many different people with so many different opinions, that it’s hard to know what they mean with any sort of clarity or precision.

When this guy over here says “the machine,” it may mean something entirely different than what that chick over there means when she says it. And when that lady over there says “the establishment,” it might mean exactly what this dude here means when he says “the elites.” But we never have any way of knowing.

I find it useful to know what I mean when I write, and I find it even more useful for my readers to know what I mean, so from this point forward—the 30th of April 2022—I will be using a term of my own coinage: the GLOB.

The acronym stands for Globalists, Leftists, Oligarchs, and Billionaires.

Globalists refers to those who aspire to the establishment of supranational institutions wielding actual political power over individual nation states and their citizens. The UN and NGO and Davos crowds. The Eurocrats of Brussels.

Leftists refers to the collectivists, statists, climate fanatics, and identitarians of the political left. The Marxists of academia, the corporate Greens, the BLM and social justice crowds, the transhumanists, the political arm of sexual identity fanatics, the usual socialists and communists, the grievance activists.

Oligarchs refers to the men and women wielding immense individual political, economic, or cultural power on behalf of or in sympathy with the ideals of the globalists and leftists.

The Billionaires are obviously a subset of the Oligarchs but I needed a B.

Also included in the GLOB are political, economical, and cultural opportunists: those who may not necessarily give a damn about globalism or leftism but have hitched their wagons to them for reasons of personal, professional, political, or economic advancement.

The GLOB is not an organization. It’s not a club with members and secret handshakes. It’s an inchoate blob of all the people who are leftists and globalists, and who are making active use of their power, wealth, resources, celebrity, and influence to support leftist and globalist projects—and to crush all active resistance thereto.

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Soren Rasmussen
Soren Rasmussen
2 years ago

It’s a GLObal Blob is what it is. Your definition is more precise, but I’ll probably be thinking of the above when using it.

Down with GLOB! Boo hiss.