The Man Who Never Was

His name is Anthony Bobulinski.

I conducted the following searches between 12:15 and 12:27 today, October 28.


On B.T.:


On taxpayer-funded



And yet, on Google:

In case it’s hard to read: that’s 174,000 results in about a quarter of a second. In the news tab of Google.

The American establishment news media aren’t touching it because it reflects poorly on Joe Biden. Very poorly. Too poorly.

That’s also why it’s being squashed on social media.

For a foreign news organization, it’s a remarkably interesting story: after years of whipping up mass hysteria over the Russian Collusion hoax, which never had any credible evidence behind it, the American media just happen to go aggressively silent on a story that’s backed with piles of credible evidence that’s already been made available to the public, including a witness whose story is more credible and more corroborated than anything we ever heard from Christopher Steele, Christine Blasey Ford, or the sour State Department bureaucrats staffing America’s Ukrainian offices. The few media outlets that go ahead and run with the story are squashed by social media. Is that in itself, that meta-story of such enormous partisan consensus, not worthy of investigation?

I can understand Danish media being partisan about Danish political issues, but why on earth do they feel compelled to stand in lockstep with their foreign peers when they’re behaving so badly?

The very people who just recently told us Donald Trump was the biggest threat to American democracy since 1945 are now consciously and deliberately blacklisting a story because it’s a damning indictment of their presidential candidate.

That’s not journalism, it’s Orwellian information warfare.

And the journalists of Denmark, those responsible for reporting on American affairs, are siding with the Orwellians.